360PTX BRUTEforce Functional trainer by Renouf Fitness

USD $3,495.00

BRUTEforce® 360PTX Functional Trainer

The NEW 360PTX superceeds the 360PTA and has all the same features plus MORE. The main addition is the dynamic ‘Jammer Arm’ system turning this already very functional machine into the most versitile unit available in the market place. The weight stack shrouds/sheilds have been increased, ‘Track your Workout’ black board added and extra positions for resistance band pegs. 360PTX not only offers substantially more training options but also with the new colour scheme Black frame and Copper trim it is taken to a new level in appearance.

Functional trainer smith machine 360PTX BRUTEforce by Renouf Fitness
functional trainer weight stack BRUTEforce by Renouf Fitness
functional trainer 360PTX leg press plate BRUTEforce by Renouf Fitness
Functional trainer cable cross over BRUTEforce by Renouf Fitness


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