Recumbent Bikes in Perth.
Recumbent bikes are the perfect model for those who prefer a back support position when exercising. A recumbent position can lessen strain on the back and can be beneficial for the elderly and pregnant. Recumbent Bikes with solid construction and design with large screen, foot pedals and comfortable commercial adjustment ‘AirFlow’ seat are ideal. Buyers should be aware of these points when making their selection because it may impact on how comfortable and how efficient the bike will be. Recumbent Bikes are great for increasing cardio fitness, strengthening your heart and lungs and improving mobility. And are great for the aged, those pregnant or those recovering from injury. Also when making your selection make sure the hight of the pedals in relationship to the seat height is comfortable for you. The pedal to seat height varies considerably from model to model. If it is intended that more than one person will be using the bike, make sure the seat adjustment is quick and easy. Eliminating or certainly reducing as many reason for NOT using the bike is very important. Recumbent Bikes, because of their natural ‘lay back’ position are a more attractive piece of exercise equipment to many people but can also encourage a less aggressive approach. This is an ok positive as long as you do not get too comfortable and fall asleep. At Renouf Fitness showroom in Osborne Park, Perth we carry home use versions, semi commercial and full on commercial models. All of our models can be purchased from our showroom or online and ship anywhere in Australia. Because of our Importing Direct policy, buying power and world glass Manufacturing contacts you can be assured of getting the very best features at the most competitive price in Australia. Also buy with confidence knowing that our Recumbent Bikes are covered by our lifetime structural warranty and have 12 months parts and labor warranty.