Olympic Bars by Renouf Fitness Equipment offer a wide selection of quality bars. We offer Olympic bars from beginners entre level through to profession high quality bearing bars. Our premium Olympic bars are rated for Olympic lifting, Cross Training and all commercial usage. Our main focus when we are selecting our products is quality at the very best price. When selecting your bar taking into account your intended use is most important. No use buying a camper van if you intend racing it at the track. With this in mind we are very happy to offer advise and information regarding our wide range of bars. If you intend using it for basic power movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and no there is no dropping or dumping then our basic OB86 with nylon bushings will do the job. For a better quality bar our Olympic bar with copper bushing and black oxide shaft is a great choice. For those taking part in Olympic lifts and Cross Training when dropping or dumping we suggest our premium RATED® brand 10 bearing Olympic bar. When dumping, it is very important to use high quality rubber bumper weight plates and always drop on to a lifting platform or other certified rebound surface.  Our premium Olympic bars have bearing, steel end plates, no center knurling and available in black oxide/zinc or bright zinc tones. Shaft or gripping area varies in diameter from 25mm through to 30mm to cater for different size hands.  Our bars range in weights from the 8kg aluminium training bar to the 15kg economy version right through to our 10 bearing Premium Olympic bars. Our OLY or Olympic bars come in four different lengths, 60”, 72”, 79” and the most popular 86”.

So have a look at our extensive range of Olympic Bars online or visit our modern showroom at 72 Collingwood Street, Osborne Park, Perth WA