Boxing Equipment for sale in Perth.
For a large range of Boxing equipment in Perth check out Renouf Fitness Equipment Osborne Park Perth.
Boxing is a great way to get in shape as it increases your stamina and cardio vascular fitness, which is perfect for decreasing body fat and toning up. It also strengthens the arms, shoulders, chest, legs and core.
To get the most out of any sport or fitness program, you need to invest in the right tools, Renouf Fitness Equipment has a great range of Boxing equipment. And when it comes to Boxing equipment one of the first items you will need are boxing gloves.
Boxing gloves: Without a pair of sturdy gloves, you can damage your wrists, fingers, knuckles and other parts of your hands. This risk exists whether youÔÇÖre hitting a bag or sparring with a partner. In addition to boxing gloves also the more recent MMA gloves for both striking and grappling may be an option.
Next in the way of Boxing equipment is the Head gear: To stay safe while boxing or sparring, you need a durable head guard specifically built to offer maximum protection.
Boxing equipment for partner training, Focus pads: Focus pads are a great way to practice your form without risking injury to yourself or your partner. Heavier duty pads have contoured palm surfaces for both jab and hook training combinations or Thai pads if you are looking to practice your Muay Thai or kickboxing form.
Boxing stands, boxing brackets and boxing bags: If you want to practice but donÔÇÖt have a partner, then a boxing stand with a bags or a boxing bracket systems are the ideal boxing equipment. These can be set up in your home, garage or even at the gym. Our boxing man is one of the most popular choices as it offers an adjustable height solution for practicing a variety of striking techniques.
Visit us at 72 Collingwood St, Osborne Park in Perth WA, or purchase online, we will ship our Boxing equipment to all parts of Australia.

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