Vibration Machines

The concept of using Vibration machines to maintain muscle tissue and bone density started with the soviet space program back in the 1961. Other benefits noted in more recent studies are weight loss through increased metabolism, muscle tone, improved blood circulation and improvement in ones over-all well being. Still more benefits are improved balance and coordination. Using Vibration machines has also been recommended by Physical therapists for rehab treatment in some cases, because of the therapeutic massage they provide to the muscles. Motor power in different models varies greatly. It will be listed in horsepower (HP) or watts (W), the higher the power, will generally mean longer life of Vibration machines and better ability to vibrate at a higher amplitude. The Amplitude is the distance the plate travels from its lowest point to its highest point. The higher the amplitude the more effective the movement will be. Although there is an ideal maximum to this range of movement. The Frequency Range is how fast the plate can vibrate. Generally the top speed is around about 30 times per second. Oscillating movement is when the plate pivots in the middle producing a see-saw action. This has proven to be the most effective movement and is the action we recommend and use in our Vibration machines.
To achieve the best results from Vibration machines it is important that you do more than just stand on it. By using the resistance straps, included with your machine you can greatly increase the results. Also the foot positioning and general stance you take on a Vibration machines plate will also impact on your results. All our vibration machine include a simple but effective program for you to follow so as to maximize your results.
Visit Renouf Fitness Equipment showrooms at Collingwood Street in Osborne Park, Perth or buy online. We also ship our vibration machines Australia wide.

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