BigGuns® Portable Preacher, Arm Blaster


BigGuns® Portable Preacher, Arm Blaster by BRUTEforce®.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BICEPS FAST With BIG GUNS the Portable Preacher, Arm Blaster.

Whenever you see someone with a great physique, 9 times out of 10 it will be the biceps that initially draws your attention. Big biceps (commonly referred to as guns) are all important to a great rounded physique and without them you will look lacking and incomplete but with them you will turn heads and evoke admiring comments.

It’s not the weight you lift … it’s the way you lift the weight.

It’s not all about lifting the heaviest weight that builds the biggest biceps more importantly its about isolating the muscle so more stress (maximum muscle fibers being worked) will be applied to the actual muscle your training. BIG GUNS Portable Preacher arm blaster stops your arms from moving at the shoulder joint stopping any cheating or momentum from being used in the movement and holding your arms firmly in the correct place. This encourages a quicker, fuller pump (blood flow to the bicep) and total muscle fatigue, both being key factors in stimulating maximum muscle growth.

The shape of the Big Guns arm blaster was designed to give the most effective arm position to totally isolate the biceps and at the same time the most comfortable position to lessen stress on your elbows.

Included with your Big Guns is a fully detailed training program with exercise chart for both beginners and intermediate training levels.

Arm Blaster content in the box.

  • 1 x Big Guns Portable Preacher arm blaster.
  • Fully detailed training program with exercise chart for both beginners and intermediate training levels.

Please don’t miss out on this Arm Blaster contact us on 1300 47 48 49 or for more information on this great item or you can purchase it now online.

Weight 3 kg
  1. Ron Smith

    love the big guns my arms are growing. Have been doing as the instruction sheet and they really work. thanks guys

  2. Kevin

    I bought the Brute Force bicep isolator because, with the slots cut in the metal and the ease of replacing a broken strap, it seemed superior to the bicep blasters by other companies where the strap is riveted on.
    Only been using the Brute Force for a week and I’ve added half an inch to my arms already.
    The trick is to rep at least 15 times or more, to get the blood into the muscle and the pump going.
    After 3 sets of 15 I add more weight and repeat. Then add more weight and try for 3 sets of 10 reps.
    If I’ve got energy left I drop the weight back to the starting amount and do another 3 sets of 15.
    Short rest between sets, you need to keep the pump going…for the most gains you’re looking for the pump and the burning sensation..which is pretty easy to achieve with the Brute Force.
    I suffer from ‘tennis elbow’ and have found that the Brute Force does not induce this injury, nor make it worse, which is great.
    I use an Ezy-curl bar…this seems to be the best bar to match with the Brute Force…I have used dumbbells but think I get better results with the Ezy-curl bar.
    While the Brute Force isn’t as cheap as some of the other bicep blasters on the market I do find it to be very strong, comfortable and have the reassurance that if the strap breaks I can replace it with another one quite easily.
    Overall I’m very pleased with the Brute Force bicep isolator and am happy to recommend it.
    Cheers: K


    its great cos it works, my arms are growing fast

  4. Grey Bennet

    My biceps have not been this sore for years, pain means they will grow, right?

  5. Ru G

    Great quality and the thing really works.

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