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Curved Deck Treadmills are 50% more effective than traditional types.

How OLY023-BK Curved Deck Treadmills differs from ordinary Treadmills.

  • No motor.
  • Curved deck.
  • Unlimited speed.
  • Olympus® design and quality control.

What this means to you.

  • No motor means no running costs (power) and reduced service costs.
  • Curved deck allows you do use your own running style, technique and form rather than being controlled by the restraints of a traditional treadmill.
  • As you are the motor/power there is no limit to the speed you can achieve … only the limits you put on your self.
  • Olympus® offers 10 years parts warranty for home use. Contact us for commercial application.

What it offers you with training variety.

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Anaerobic Power (Speed Training)
  • Anaerobic Capacity (Including: Interval Training, Fartlek Training, Timed Intervals, etc.)
  • Max speed/Speed Training (Overspeed training, Technical work, Sprint Drills (Acceleration technique, Bounding)
  • Youth and/or Rehabilitative Locomotor Patterning
  • Decreased Ground Reaction Force Training (including Quick Leg Cycle, and Powerful Strides).


  • Length 2060mm x Width 950mm x Height 1450.
  • Deck running area Length 1600mm x Width 490mm.
  • Deck belt: Sixty (60) high quality rubber slats measuring 480mm x 60mm each.
  • Total of 120 high quality sealed bearings, two for each slat.

Olympus® work shop and track studies show that up to 35% more calories can be burnt compared to that of a traditional style treadmill. With traditional treadmills having a motor powered belt the user typically lifts their feet and allows the belt to pass under them. With Curved Deck treadmills it is up to the user to push the deck using their power. This is achieved by actually running on the deck in the same motion/movement you would run on the track. This allows you to train and improve your natural running posture and technique.

Call us now for special offer and save.

For more product information on these Curved Deck Treadmills or to discuss multiple purchases, financing or more competitive freight rates call Aaron 1300 47 48 49 or Fran on (08) 9446 4816 or email sales@renouffitness.com.au


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