Foam Roller FR1002 90cm long 15cm wide by RATED®



Foam Roller 90cm FR1002

Our Foam Roller 90cm is ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation, Massage and Stretching. Being 90cm long and 15cm in diameter makes it the ideal roller to give a great session.

Foam Rollers are some times not given the proper credit they deserve. Some people still underestimate the real benefits of stretching when warming up and cooling down before and after encaging in physical activity. Even though it has been extensively document in scientific and medical journals for many years you will still often see athletes and fitness enthusiasts commence their activity with out stretching or warming up. In many cases this ends up with severe stiffness or even worse, injury.

Using the FR1002 foam roller as part of your warm up and cool down is a very simple and easy way to help prevent injury.

Foam Roller 90cm FR1002 Product Specifications.

  • EVA material.
  • Length: 90cm.
  • Thickness: 15cm.
  • Great for Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation, Massage and Stretching.

Benefits with foam Roller 90cm.

  • Helps to prevent stiffness and injury.
  • Ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation and other physical activity.
  • Light and compact ideal for traveling.

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