Fractional Weight Plates Micro PL47 (SET) by RATED®


Fractional Weight Plates Micro PL47 (SET) by RATED®

Fractional weight plates or Micro weight plates are very beneficial and can be essential if you wish to continue to achieve gains in your weight-training program. Using the RATED® fractional weight plates allows you to increase your lifts in increments as small as 0.25 of a kilogram. This is a great way of minimising or even eliminating plateaus. Also very helpful for CrossFit as they allow you to get closer to USA weights when comparing Kilos to Pounds. With traditional weight plate sets, the smallest weight plate is 1.25kg, so with two on the bar it is a 2.5kg jump in weight. When you are getting close to your maximum a 2.5kg increase can seem enormous so the use of fractional weight plates can greatly benefit your program and progress.

The RATED® Functional Fitness Micro weight plate set is made up of 0.25kg x 2, 0.5kg x 2, 0.75kg x 2 and 1kg x 2 plus a convenient carry bag. RATED® Functional Fitness Micro weight plates are precision machined, chrome plated and come in a convenient carry bag; all plates display the weight size.

Fractional Weight Plates Features and Benefits at a glance.  

  • 8 weight plates made up of 0.25kg x 2pcs, 0.5kg x 2pcs, 0.75kg x 2pcs, 1kg x 2pcs.
  • Fits Olympic bars (50mm).
  • Eliminate plateaus in your lifting program.
  • Continue to achieve gains.
  • Good for Crossfit when converting lbs to Kg for USA WOD etc.
  • Includes convenient carry bag.

Please contact us if your require multiple sets of these premium brand RATED® Fractional Weight Plates at our further discounted price. We ship Australia wide.

Don’t miss out contact us on 1300 47 48 49 or for more information on this great item!!! … or you can purchase it now online. 

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm

1 Set, 3 Set, 5 Set

  1. Merrick J

    Purchased 5 sets for my box, well made, good for getting closer to US WODS

  2. Murray

    I find smaller increments weight plates are very advantages when coaching anyone but even more so women and youths. I like the carry bag to keep them all in one place, tend not to go a stray, i hope.

  3. Rick Thompson

    thanks for looking after me again, I will be back for another set, great product great price.

  4. Lily F

    Best value micro plates in Aust, even with the freight to QLD they were the best. thanks renouf

  5. Guy B

    Thanks Derryn, got them on time and all good.

  6. Nat W

    Certainly makes it easy to sneak a little on the bar while the brains not registering. 🙂 😉

  7. joelkeane

    Excellent product to help you break through those plateaus. Also, Renouf have service that is second to none. Ordered and delivered on the same day!

  8. Max R

    Received in good condition and on time, cheers

  9. Ronnda L

    Would recommend these to anyone up for small increment weight plates,nice finish fair price.

  10. Joey S

    Had it for 6 weeks couldnt do with out them, good price.

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