Functional Trainer FT3000 + Bench Bar weight plates … December OFFER


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Brand new in the crate FT3000 minor cosmetic imperfections which will not impact on the function or structural integrity of the machine. Covered by full NEW product warranty. SAVE thousands of dollars.

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This package includes the FT3000 (with twin 75kgs weight stacks), UBENCH Adjustable bench, Olympic bar and Weight Plates hammertone 70kg. LIMITED OFFER  only available while stocks last. Call or email for more information before purchasing.

During the Painting process the parts are initially put through an acid dipping bath and then powder coated. Some units have a small amount of residue on some of the parts from the process. This is totally a cosmetic issue and in no way will impact on the functionality or structural integrity of the unit. All units carry a “life Time” new product warranty on the frames.

See description for accessories included.

Great value, semi-commercial, solid construction with huge variety of exercise options. Ideal for home gym or personal trainer studio.

FT3000 Functional Trainer. Now in stockThe FT3000 features the dynamic ‘Jammer Arm’ system turning this machine into a very versatile unit.

Great Package

Why the FT3000 is great value.

  1.  IMPORTANT: FEATURES for FT3000: SIX (6) foot supports. The two extra feet positioned under the weight stacks eliminates the sagging of the two bottom frames which causes the smith machine to jam. This problem is very common with all models featuring only four (4) feet supports.
  2. Heavier Duty linear bearings in the Smith machine and also a superior locking system.
  3. The detachable Leg Press plate allows for a very intense leg work-out.
  4. The ‘U’ shape inside footprint offers a more spacious work area.
  5. The twin 75kg weight stacks can be connected using the Jammer Arm offering 150kg total weight.
  6. Upgraded Pulleys and cables.
  7. Packing consists of two wooden crates for extra protection while in transit.

FT3000 Functional Trainer Features at a glance:

  • Jammer Arm system transforms this machine and will transform your training program to a new level.
  • The height of the weight stack shrouds/sheilds for added protection and visual appearance.
  • Positions for resistance band pegs.
  • Two steel 75kg pin select weight stacks.
  • Commercial grade Smith Machine with linier bearings.
  • Multi Purpose Power Rack.
  • J Hooks and Spotting/safety arm.
  • Extreme Core Trainer (Fits Olympic and Regular size bars).
  • Wide and close Grip Chin Up Bar.
  • Weight Plate Storage Rods.
  • Rubber band resistance/assistance pegs.
  • Fixing ring for TRX etc.
  • Main Frame is constructed from 70mm x 50mm Steel tube. Front Pulley/Power rack upright post is 50mm x 50mm chromed steel tube. Spotter/Safety arms and J Hooks are constructed from 4mm thick quality steel.
  • Compact footprint: W: 1960mm x D: 1470mm x H: 2200mm.

FT3000 Functional Trainer in More Detail

Cross Over Pulley/Cable System

Complete with 2 x 75kg precision cut steel weight stacks with 5kg increments, Commercial Grade aircraft cable (rated 1000kg) and pop pin for quick and easy weight selection. Fitted with full commercial grade pulleys with sealed bearings for a smooth motion. The FT3000 is designed with 2:1 pulley ratio to ensure sufficient cable travel and to prevent weight stack ‘topping out’ when performing cable functional movements, crossover cables etc.

Commercial Smith Machine

Superior design and engineering ensure a safer and more natural range of movement when the body is in action. Twenty five mm self-aligning linear bearings are used in the smith machine. To allow you to work to your max the Functional Trainer FT3000 has rubber resistance/assistance band pegs positioned and extending out along the front foot bar for extra training intensity.

Heavy Duty Power Rack

Fitted with “spotting arms” (safeties) and J-Hooks which are quick and easy to remove and adjust. Both J-Hooks and “Spotting” arms have 3mm thick nylon stripes to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Fixing Ring

For TRX etc is front and centre and offers a great fixing point for a variety of training tools.

Compact Footprint

Even with all of its features and all the functions it can achieve, it still only occupies; H: 2220mm x D: 1470mm x W: 1960mm.


Handles etc for the Functional Trainer FT3000.

  1. Lat Pull Bar
  2. Anchor Securing System for Lat Pull Down exercises.
  3. A/B Stirrup Handle.
  4. Land mine/Core Trainer
  5. A/B J Hooks
  6. A/B Spotter/Safety Arms
  7. Jammer arms
  8. Snap Lock Collars (pair)

Extreme Core Trainer

Fits both Olympic and regular size bars. This is a great way for the personal fitness trainer or elite sports persons to train the core with Power, Anti Rotation and Rotation movements.

Multi Grip Chin Up Bar

Allows for three different grip options, Wide – Close and Reverse Grip.

Weight Plate Storage Horns

The 4 horns/rods are positioned at the rear of the unit to hold your weight plates when not in use.


Handles, J Hooks, Snap lock collars and spotter arms all of which are included with our Functional Trainer FT3000.

Weight plates positioned on the smith machine bar are not included in the basic package.

IMPORTANT: For a more competitive freight rate on the FT3000 Functional Trainer call us on 1300 47 48 49 or email 

For a personal viewing of the FT3000 Functional Trainer we invite you to visit our Osborne Park showroom at 72 Collingwood Street, WA.

Please Note: Any claim for damage during transit or other claims must be supported by photos and received by us with-in five (5) days of you (the buyer) receiving the goods.

Due to the logistical issues with the size of the product, we do not offer refunds for change of mind. In the unlikely event there is a manufacturers fault or part missing it will be replaced/remedied as soon as possible by the supplier, at no cost to the purchaser.

Weight 515 kg
Dimensions 213 × 105 × 35 cm


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