Functional Trainer UM1 + UBENCH + Olympic Bar by BRUTEforce®



Includes UBENCH + Olympic Bar.

With the benefits of an All-In-One Functional Trainer plus space-saving design, the UM1 is a complete home gym system. Its modern design and limitless functionality will compliment any fitness level.

Function and Fit

With the benefits of an All-In-One Functional Trainer plus space-saving design, the UM1 is a versatile home gym system.

Both beginners and advanced trainers are catered for with the functionality of this unique machine.

The Power Rack offers free bar work outs such as, Squats, Bench press and back pulls plus Chins, Dips and more.

The smith Machine a more controlled and safer environment for beginners or rehabilitation exercises.

Adjustable (1:1 ratio) twin cable system for a multitude of exercises. All these and more, check out the video.

The fold

In a time where space is not always a luxury for everyone, the UM1 offers this without compromise, taking notes from its big brother, the UX1.

Engineered with space in mind, this machine can transform from a depth of 151cm (60”) to as little as 67cm (26”) in less than 30 seconds.

Enjoy the convenience of space-saving technology without the compromise of quality and function.

The space

Experience unrivalled versatility with the UM1 when space is at a premium. This extraordinary machine surpasses all others by effortlessly fitting into most standard rooms, providing exceptional convenience. Notably, the UM1 offers an added dimension of freedom by reducing its footprint by half when not in use, allowing you to maximise your space efficiently.

The smith

The UM1 Live Smith Machine bar has been designed to have the feel closer to that of a free barbell. The slight movement in the bar helps the user’s body to follow closer to its natural line when executing a squat movement, also the extra play in the bar encourages the core to engage.

Designed with both strength and ergonomics in mind, the smith machine bar boasts a generous 30mm diameter and premium 25mm self-aligning linear bearings.

Enjoy effortless loading and height adjustment for your exercises with the convenience of 12 laser-cut steel racking points.

Experience enhanced safety with adjustable stoppers that provide multiple height options, ensuring maximum protection for the user.

The pulleys

The UM1 features dual, heavy-duty swivel pulleys integrated into the front power rack, serving as a crucial element of this versatile machine. These pulleys act as anchor points for the numerous included attachments, offering a wide range of exercise possibilities with the cable system.

With an impressive 17 height adjustments, the pulley system allows for precise customization, enabling you to optimize your workout experience.

The stacks

Next Generation PVC Iron Composite weight stacks – TEN YEAR WARRANTY. BRUTEforce engineers have created a new twin weight stack with 1:1 ratio pulley system offering the full 77kg (170lbs) of resistance and cable travel of 1130mm (44.5 inches).

Total weight: 77kg (170lbs). Top Plate: 5kg (11lbs). Each Plate: 6kg (13.2lbs).

Enjoy the convenience of easily accessible, pin-select weight stacks, allowing for quick-changing supersets and accommodating multiple users.

Experience uninterrupted exercises with smooth movement along the rear guide rods, ensuring consistent weight throughout the entire range of motion.

During the first ten (10) years from purchase date if any fault appears in your weight plates BRUTEforce® will repair or make a replacement free of charge. BRUTEforce® has selected Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for the casings of their weight plate stacks with the filing being “iron cement” to create the desired weight. PVC is a high strength thermoplastic material. It is very dense, ranking high for hardness and durability with an excellent tensile strength. These properties make it idea for this application and resilient enough to justify BRUTEforce® 10-year warranty.

The attachments

  1. Lat bar
  2. Spotter arms
  3. Leg anchor
  4. “J” hooks
  5. Snap lock collars
  6. Chain lengths
  7. Short bar
  8. Dipping handles
  9. Core trainer
  10. “D” handles
  11. Spring lock collars

Due to the logistical issues with the size of the product, we do not offer refunds for change of mind. In the unlikely event there is a manufacturers fault or part missing it will be replaced/remedied as soon as possible by the supplier, at no cost to the purchaser. PLEASE NOTE: We must be notified of any damage to parts within 5 days of you the customer receiving the carton.

Weight 515 kg
Dimensions 213 × 105 × 35 cm


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