Functional Trainer UX1 by BRUTEforce® + Bench


Engineered with space in mind, this Functional Trainer can transform from a depth of 125cm (50”) to as little as 55cm (22”) in less than 30 seconds, with out compromising exercise function. For shipping outside of Australia, please contact us.

Functional Trainer with both Function and style

The evolution of this All-In-One Functional Trainer has put it in a league of its own. Every addition and upgrade over time serves purpose and consideration to the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Includes the adjustable fold up (also space saving) UBENCH.

The fold

In a time where space is not always a luxury for everyone, the UX1 offers this without compromise. This is a world first for any functional trainer of this size and grandeur.

Engineered with space in mind, this machine can transform from a depth of 125cm (50”) to as little as 55cm (22”) in less than 30 seconds.

Enjoy the convenience of space-saving technology without the compromise of quality and function.

The space

When space is not a luxury, the UX1 excels ahead of the rest. This Functional Trainer will fit in most standard rooms and allows extra freedom when not in use by halving its footprint.

The smith

The UX1 utilizes high quality 25mm self-aligning linear bearings to achieve the smooth, secure movements a smith machine needs.

The smith machine bar has a large 30mm diameter for greater strength and ergonomics.

13 laser-cut steel racking points allow ease of loading and height setting for your exercise.

Safety stoppers incorporate added protection for the user and can be set at multiple heights.

Live Smith Machine bar has been designed to have the feel closer to that of a free barbell. The slight movement in the bar helps the user’s body to follow closer to its natural line when executing a squat movement, also the extra play in the bar encourages the core to engage.

The pulleys

Dual, heavy duty swivel pulleys on the front power rack form an essential component of this machine. A fixing point for the many attachments included with the UX1, there is little you cannot perform with this cable system.

The pulley system has 17 different height adjustments.

The stacks

Twin 100kg (220lb) precision cut steel weight stacks allow the user to increase strength over time with 22 weight increments.

These easy to access, pin select weight stacks add ease for quick-changing supersets, multiple users and much more.

Smooth movement along the rear guide rods offer uninterrupted exercises, knowing you have consistent weight throughout the movement.

Optional extra to increase weight stack to 160kg (350lbs). 

The jammers

An innovative and exciting way to add variety to your workouts. The jammer arms that fix to the front power rack allow for more explosive movements. These sturdy, well designed attachments can utilize the twin weight stacks, olympic weight plates, or both. Perform a new range of exercises with these formidable arms.

The rack

The UX1 power rack offers 16 height settings for the heavy duty ʻJʼ Hooks and spotter arms. This allows confidence across all fitness levels.

The front rack is also home to the upgraded Jammer Arms and robust dipping handles.

The attachments

  1. Lat bar
  2. Spotter arms
  3. Jammer foot plate
  4. Jammer arms
  5. “J” hooks
  6. Snap lock collars
  7. Leg press plate
  8. Leg anchor
  9. Core trainer
  10. Spring lock collars
  11. Short bar
  12. Dipping handles
  13. Row handle
  14. Chain lengths
  15. “D” Handles
  16. Tricep Rope

Due to the logistical issues with the size of the product, we do not offer refunds for change of mind. In the unlikely event there is a manufacturers fault or part missing it will be replaced/remedied as soon as possible by the supplier, at no cost to the purchaser. PLEASE NOTE: We must be notified of any damage to parts within 5 days of you the customer receiving the carton.

Weight 515 kg
Dimensions 213 × 105 × 35 cm


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