Olympic Bar 20kg Premium grade 10 Needle bearings XOB86 by RATEDĀ®

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Olympic Bar 20kg Premium grade 10 Needle bearings XOB86 by RATEDĀ®

Now in stock. This Olympic bar 20kg is top of the range and rated for Olympic lifts, power lifting and all types of Cross Training. If youā€™re after an awesome quality bar at $100 less than the same quality else where, you have got to check this out. This bar not only performs unbelievably well but also looks the part. It features hard steel chromed sleeves, 28mm medium knurled black zinc bar with 10 hi-grade needle bearing.

The RATEDĀ® XOB86 Olympic bar 20kg is precision construction rated to 1650lbs.

The shaft (gripping area) being a comfortable 28mm with medium knurling (no center knurling) allows you to maintain a secure firm grip on the bar.

The bar gives a moderate amount of whip (depending on loaded weight) for Olympic lifters, however is suitable as an all-round bar for most athletes

Each 41cm (length) sleeve rotates/spins very smoothly and will hold up to 9 x 25kg (225kg, and a total of 450kg) standard iron weight plates or the RATEDĀ® XBUM-60 Bumper plates. We maintain that this is the best quality Olympic bar at this price in Australia.

Here are some main points that define a barbell in terms of value for money:

Shaft, being produced from high quality spring steel with a slight whip the bar will always retract back to its original shape no matter what weight your lifting.

Shaft Coating, There are numerous coatings that can be applied to a bar, some are inadequate and will not do the job but others are simply an over kill and are not necessary. The XOB86 Olympic Bar 20kgĀ isĀ coated with Black Oxide/Zinc, which is the best option and does not over price the bar.

Knurling, Another important feature with heaps of different option. We have settle for a medium grade knurling, one that will deliver able stick but will not rip your skin off.

Sleeve, are finished in bright zinc a great contrast to the black zinc of the shaft, are 41cm in length and are long enough to hold 225kg each side being a total 450kg.

Sleeve Rotation, is via five needle bearings in each sleeve (total of 10) giving them an incredibly smooth fast rotation and sealed off with a plate. Bearings are the superior method for obtaining the most desired sleeve rotation.

Maintenance tips:

  • Daily: use a stiff nylon brush to clean chalk and dead skin from the knurling. This will ensure the knurling remains effective.
  • Monthly: After using nylon brush then wipe down with a clean rag moistened with oil.

*One of the few bars rated and warranted for Cross Training use in Australia.

XOB86 Olympic Bar 20kg Product Specifications.

  • RATEDĀ® is built to last, high quality construction.
  • High quality steel sleeve with bearings and steel plate caps.
  • Non-slip knurling with No center knurling.
  • Static tested and rated to 1650lbs (750kgs).
  • Shaft material: Spring Steel.
  • Over-all length: 2200mm (86inches).
  • Shaft length: 1300mm.
  • Length of each sleeve: 41cm.
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm.
  • Weight of bar: 20kgs.
  • Diameter of shaft (gripping bar) 28mm.

*Warranty: Barbells are designed to be used with bumper plates and a certified weightlifting platforms. Warranty does not cover bars that have been dropped onto steel cages, spotting arms or any foreign objects. Warranty does not cover bars that are used for Olympic weightlifting without bumper plates or adequate weightlifting platforms.

For Commercial discounts we invite P.T., Gym owners, Fitness and Rehab professional, Sporting Clubs and Defense Forces to contact us onĀ

* Cross Training/Olympic Lifting use warranted only if used with approved bumper plates on an Olympic lifting platform. For more information regarding warranty contactĀ


Please! donā€™t miss out contact us on 1300 47 48 49 orĀĀ for more information on this great item!!! ā€¦ or you can purchase it now online.Ā 

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