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Elite athletes the world over use Prowler Sled training as a vital part of thier programs simply because it works. When done right it really hurts and it is very very effective at developing work capacity and athleticism without negatively impacting your strength and muscle gains. The BRUTEforce® SLTT4 is top quality and great VALUE.

One of the most important distinctions between sled exercises and most other types of resistance work is that with Prowler sled work there is no eccentric, or negative, part of the movement. When lowering the bar to your chest during a bench press you perform an eccentric action. The concentric half of the movement is when you press it back up to the lockout position.┬áIt is the eccentric part of the movement where most of the muscle damage occurs, which is one reason why most tend to favor slowly lowering the weight. For building muscle, this is usually a good thing, but when you need to train often or speed up recovery, it isn’t ideal.┬áSince sled training only has a concentric movement, it’s a great way to work your muscles without over stressing them. But donÔÇÖt think it will be easier, you will really have to grit your teeth.

Prowler Sled training can be as basic as you want it to be, simply PUSH it or PULL it. Forward drags are excellent for speed development and will target your posterior chain primarily. Dragging a sled backward is one of the most brutal things you can do to wipe out your quadriceps.

Nine reasons to use a Prowler sled.

  1. Prowler Sled is simple to use.
  2. You have to work hard.
  3. Unlimited options.
  4. Great for GPP. In the GPP phase, athletes work on general conditioning to improve strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, structure and skill.
  5. Self-limiting. By self-limiting it means that when you reach a certain weight you either get it or you donÔÇÖt. A sled push is simple, you either push it or you donÔÇÖt.
  6. Great for Recovery. There is no eccentric (no lowering) part to the exercises, so, essentially you shouldnÔÇÖt get really sore after sled training (except when you are new to it).
  7. Short and Sharp workouts. Twenty minutes should be enough, if your training longer then maybe your not training hard enough.
  8. Very minimal chance of injury. You are very unlikely to get injured while Prowler sled training and, furthermore, this type of exercise will help make your body strong and durable, it will also enable you to deal with injuries and help you recover faster.
  9. Overall full body conditioning, fat loss and strength workout. A great full body training tool. Prowler Sled training is ideal for conditioning, fat loss, building muscle and sports specific training as it targets just about every muscle in your body.

Prowler Sled SLTT4 Features at a Glance.

  • 80mm x 60mm steel mainframe.
  • Black non-slip sand powder coat.
  • 3 weight plate horns.
  • Multiple adjustment for weight plate horns and front leg.
  • Total weight 47kg.
  • Dimension, Length: 110cm, Width: 82cm.
  • Front eyelet for drag harness.

For more product information on the Power Sled or to discuss multiple purchases, financing or more competitive freight rates call Aaron 1300 47 48 49 or Fran on (08) 9446 4816 or email

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