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The SPORTSPLUS® THERA-TREADPRO Rehabilitation treadmill is designed and manufactured for aged care, seniors, retirement homes, rehab and physiotherapists. The main features that set it apart from traditional treadmills and other ‘special requirement’ treadmills is that the walking belt can be set to move Forward or Backward depending on the user/health care’s requirements. The belt movement has a very slow starting speed and with the sturdy adjustable safety/support handrails it is very safe for a variety of needs. Other features of wrap around gripping handle with touch sensors for pulse, large easy to read monitor, magnetic safety lanyard (emergency stop) and user weight rating of 150kg makes the THERA-TREADPRO unique in its class.

Full Length Safety Handrails.
The handrails are adjustable for different height users and are padded for extra grip and comfort.
Durable Motor (15 year warranty).
The 2.25hp (continuous) motor is set up to deliver a slower forward starting speed of 0.2 km/h up to a top speed of 10 km/h, and a backward starting speed of 0.2 km/h up to 5 km/h. 
The slow forward and backward start speed of 0.2kph with speed increments of only 0.1kph offer features normally only seen in hospital grade rehabilitation treadmills. The SPORTSPLUS® THERA-TREADPRO Rehabilitation Treadmill is designed for and covers the needs of the most fragile of seniors, aged care users, retirement villages, physiotherapists, children or for those looking to recover from injury and require a slow speed. It also has a incline motor delivering 0-12% incline.
Wide Rear Access to Orthopaedic Walking Belt.
Having an orthopaedic belt width of 530mm offers ample access to the walking area via the back of the unit. The generous 1510mm belt length is more forgiving with extra area for the user.

Magnetic safety lanyard (emergency stop).
The magnetic safety lanyard can be pulled to dislodge the magnet and stop the treadmill in the event of an emergency. It is recommended to attach the safety cord/lanyard to the users clothing so if they walk to far back on the deck it will automatically dislodge the key and the treadmill will come to a stop. Also the magnetic key can be stowed away out of sight of children when not supervised.
Large Console.
The 7” large window LED display is easy and straightforward to read. Displaying Time, Distance, Speed (forward and backwards), and Heart Rate, Calories.

Specifications: THERA-TREADPRO Rehabilitation Treadmill. 

  • Forward and Backward speeds.
  • Slow/Low starting speed, 0.2 km/h.
  • Incline 0-12%.
  • Large Orthopaedic walking belt.
  • Wide rear entry 530mm wide, 1510mm in length.
  • Magnetic Safety Lanyard.
  • Maximum user weight of 150kg.
  • High torque motor 2.25HP (continuous) with 15-year warranty.
  • Large easy to read 7” LED display.
  • Full-length height adjustable safety Handrails.
  • Foot Print assembled size, Length: 194cm x Width: 81cm x Height: 138cm.
  • Product weight: 101kg.

 For more product information on THERA-TREADPRO Rehabilitation Treadmill or to discuss multiple purchases, financing or more competitive freight rates call Aaron 1300 47 48 49 or Fran on (08) 9446 4816 or email sales@renouffitness.com.au


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Weight 272 kg
Dimensions 210 x 98 x 50 cm
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