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Rotating handle Barbell OB-RGRIP by BRUTEforce®


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OB-RGRIP Rotating Handle Barbell

The BRUTEforce® OB-RGRIP Rotating handle barbell features two multi-position grip system that permits the user to perform multi-axis hand, arm, and shoulder rotations while performing a variety of exercise. This is a very versatile bar with 8 bearings in each handle and rated for home use only.

Traditional Barbells typically consist of straight and curling bars, with the curling bars having a bent section to accommodate various grasping orientations of the user. The main disadvantage of using barbells rather than dumbbells is that there is less opportunity to rotate the hands or wrists during the movement and so lessening the effectiveness of the exercise.

For example, in performing a shoulder press with dumbbells, a user holds a dumbbell in each hand directly beside the shoulders, with palms facing toward each other. Then the dumbbells are raised over the head, and the palms are rotated to face forward. Finally, the palms are rotated back to the starting position as the weights are lowered.

The same exercise can be performed with a barbell but with increased weight. However, the hands and wrists must be held in a relatively fixed position, and may be rotated only along the axis of the bar. Also, exercising using a fixed hand and arm dispositions tend to increase the stresses and can ultimately injury the muscles of the shoulders.

So it is not possible to use a traditional standard barbell to exercise the groups of muscles involved in pronation and supination as with dumbbells.

Moreover, the necessity of maintaining such a fixed position during exercises with the heavier barbell increases strain on the wrists and elbows.

The OB-RGRIP barbell allows you to track the exercise through the body’s natural range of movement.

Some of the many exercises for the Rotating handle Barbell.

  • Traditional Bicep curl
  • Pronated curls/hammer curls (palms down)
  • Supinated curls – start with palms facing the body then rotate as ascending until at top of movement palms are facing chest
  • Supinated press over head
  • Supinated bent over rows
  • Supinated cable rows
  • Supinated cable high pull

Specification for the Rotating handle Barbell.

  • Designed for Olympic weight plates.
  • Over-all length: 1200mm.
  • Sleeve Length: 75mm.
  • Weight of bar: 15kg.
  • Eight bearings on each handle.
  • Handle grip size: 25mm.
  • Includes rotating fixing point for cable exercises.
  • Home use only, maximum weight 60kg.

Please! don’t miss out contact us on 1300 47 48 49 or info@renouffitness.com.au for more information on this great item!!! … or you can purchase it now online.

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1 review for Rotating handle Barbell OB-RGRIP by BRUTEforce®

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aaron B

    Awesome unique bar, gives another dimension to my shoulder and bicep exercises. Much better in real live, than in photo.

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