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SLING 1650mm

The RATED® Slings not only gives you more confidents when really going for you ‘Max’ but also helps protect your bar and plates from potential damage.

When using traditional steel spotting arms it is easy to damage your bar when dropped from a height where as with the sling the heavy-duty nylon webbing is easy on your bar and will take over a ton of weight.

Also as RATED® Slings are available in lengths up to 1650mm and traditional iron spotting arm are only about 600mm long Slings offer a safer working environment giving you the confidence to go heavier and or deeper.

The RATED® Slings attach to your rig with heavy-duty brackets which are both quick and easy to fix and take off, see our Sling Brackets.

Add a new dimension to your training, allow you to go heavier, harder and for longer.

RATED® Slings also come in 1650mm lengths for compact format rigs.

Details at a glance:

  • Colour: Yellow with Black trim
  • Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Length: 1650mm
  • Width: 50mm
  • Thickness: Three layers of 2mm, over-all thickness 6mm
  • Strength: 2 tonnes
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Great protection for your bar and weight plates
  • Perform partial deadlifts by adjusting the height of the Sling
  • Ideal for Zercher and dead start squats
  • Strong and more versatile than most traditional spotting arms
  • Ideal for ab straps when performing leg raises

Please! don’t miss out contact us on 1300 47 48 49 or info@renouffitness.com.au for more information on this great item!!! … or you can purchase it now online. 

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