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XTRA-PACK by BRUTEforce® offers the perfect accessories for any Functional Trainer, home gym or a great gift for that fitness enthusiast. The pack contains nine items.

The XOB47C Easy Curl bar is premium quality with a generous 30mm grip and free-spinning bushings. Length of the gripping area is 845mm, sleeves (two) 160mm, overall length 1205mm, weight 9.55kg.

ARM BLASTER the perfect partner for your XOB47C Easy Curl Bar. HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BICEPS FAST with the Portable Preacher, Arm Blaster. Whenever you see someone with a great physique, 9 times out of 10 it will be the biceps that initially draws your attention. Big biceps are all important to a great rounded physique and without them, you will look lacking and incomplete but with them, you will turn heads. It’s not the weight you lift … it’s the way you lift the weight. It’s not all about lifting the heaviest weight that builds the biggest biceps more importantly it’s about isolating the muscle so more stress (maximum muscle fibers being worked) will be applied to the actual muscle your training. Arm blaster stops your arms from moving at the shoulder joint eliminating cheating or momentum and holding your arms firmly in the correct place. This encourages a quicker, fuller pump (blood flow to the bicep) and total muscle fatigue, both being key factors in stimulating maximum muscle growth. The shape of our Arm blaster was designed to give the most effective arm position to totally isolate the biceps and at the same time the most comfortable position to lessen stress on your elbows. All purchasers will be emailed a fully detailed training program with an exercise chart for both beginners and intermediate training levels.

CBC111 Calf Block. Calves can be difficult to exercise and very stubborn to stimulate. The BRUTEforce® calf block is a simple, inexpensive but very effective way to give your calves a great workout. The elevated measurement from the floor is 92mm allowing for a good range of movement (good stretch and contraction) and the 480mm non slip working area offers a variety of foot placements.

Heavy-Duty weight dipping belt constructed from commercial-grade nylon webbing, heavy-duty stitching, and an 80cm long chain with 5mm thick links and carabineers. The heavy-duty nylon webbing is 2mm thick. The D-rings are 5mm thick and attached to the nylon belt with multiple lines of saddle stitching. The shape of the belt is designed to give maximum comfort with a 75mm wide main nylon belt and a 100mm wide re-enforced back section. One size fits all.

Resistance Power Bands two of each size. Being 101cm/40inches in length the Power band is ideal for use on BRUTEforce® Functional trainers, RAPT leverage, or other machines.

Size    Colour      Length          Width    Thickness    Resistance at 2x

XS        Red            101cm/40in      1.3cm     4mm                 ~6kg

M         Purple        101cm/40in      3.1cm      4mm               ~18kg


  • Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for any tears, wear, or damage. Bands will eventually wear out and can break over time. NEVER use a damaged band!
  • Bands should be kept out of the reach of younger children to avoid injury.
  • These size bands are not to be used for running drills.
  • Never stretch any band more than twice its original length.
  • These Bands are made of latex and It is recommended that people with latex allergies do not expose their skin to these Power Bands.

XTRA-PACK Contents.

  • Premium Easy Curl bar x 1
  • Arm Blaster x 1
  • Heavy Duty dipping belt x 1
  • Calf Block x 1
  • Resistance Bands (pair) RED XS, Length: 101cm/40in, Width: 1.3cm, Thick: 4mm, Resistance: 6kg.
  • Resistance Bands (pair) Purple M, Length: 101cm/40in, Width: 3.1cm, Thick: 4mm, Resistance: 18kg.
  • Bonus FREE BRUTEforce® banner x 1

Don’t miss out on this great value XTRA-pack contact us on 1300 47 48 49 or for more information on this great item or you can purchase it now online.

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