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Rent – Treadmill RRT18


Per Week

Upfront Delivery & Pick Up Fee: $65
Minimum Rental Period: 12 Weeks

RRT18 Treadmill by Vo2max®

The RRT18 Treadmill is a great value entry level treadmill. It features the very latest technology and a very high production quality. As it is designed for the home market it features a compact footprint and a fold up mechanism to save space when not in use. The very reliable Vo2max® motor with a 2.0HP Peak and 1.25HP Continuous power is fitted to this model. The maximum speed of 12km/h is usually ample for most users but if a more intense work out is required the running board can be manually inclined from for a up hill session.

The running deck is double ply design and 400mm x 1210mm with 3 point deck suspension system makes it comfortable and safe whether you are running or power walking. It is also fitted with indoor transport wheels. Fitted is a 5” Blue backlit LCD screen for ease of selection and functionality and with the ‘self-setting’ function with numerous programs from which to choose.

RRT18 Treadmill Colour: Black with Blue trim.

TMR018 Treadmill Product Features:

  • 2.0HP Peak and 1.25HP Continuous motor.
  • Generous running deck 400mm x 1210mm.
  • 5” Blue backlit LCD screen monitor.
  • MP3 interface and built-in speakers.
  • Running speed = 12km per hour (within an accuracy of 10%).
  • Built in motor fan.
  • Manual incline function.
  • Flex deck with rubber securing chocks and hydraulic suspension rods to maximize shock absorption for ease on knees and ankles.
  • Touch sensors for measuring your heart rate, please note these are not to be used for medical assessment and are only an estimate and not necessarily accurate.
  • Display showing time, speed, distance, calories, incline, pulse, and more (within an accuracy of 10%).
  • 12 programs, including programs for Cardiovascular, Fat burning, Interval, and Endurance training.
TMR018 TREADMILL by Renouf Fitness
TMR018 TREADMILL by Renouf fitness
  • “Quick speed” take you to your desired speed.
  • Convenient handrail controls for speed and incline adjustment.
  • Hydraulic-assisted folding mechanism (makes it easier to fold).
  • Soft-drop deck (let’s the deck slowly and safely fold to the floor once released).
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg.
  • 4 wheels for easy movement.
  • “Easy assembly”.
  • Assembled footprint = 1520mm(L) x 680mm(W) x 1320mm(H).
  • Safety key: automatic/emergency motor cut off. To be clipped to user’s apparel while on treadmill.


Per Week

Upfront Delivery Fee: $65
Upfront Pick Up Fee: $65
Minimum Rental Period: 12 Weeks