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Doing low-intensity cardio on an empty stomach will help your body burn stored body fat as fuel for your workout rather than lean muscle. With an absence of glycogen (the bodies first call on energy source) it will revert to using body fat reserves for fuel (not such a bad thing for most of us).


NEWS: well actually not that new.

Green Tea.




Relax with a cup of green tea and enjoy the on-going benefits.


Studies have shown that drinking at least three cups a day can help burn 80 more calories – thanks to antioxidants called polyphenols (epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG for short).  EGCG has the ability to increase norepinephrine levels, which induces the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells.  A 2008 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that green tea, along with exercise, enhances fat loss in the abdominal area.  What’s more, it can even reduce systemic inflammation, which can make for a speedy post-workout recovery.

VIEWS: “I would have been more impressed if the results were achieved with out the inclusion of exercise, then we could see if the tea really made the difference, my money would be on the exercise”. 


Greek Yoghurt: Greece is doing it pretty tough at the moment so let’s give them a plug.

greek yogurt

No only does it taste good but has some real pluses for your health.


Greek yoghurt delivers more muscle-building protein and fewer fat-promoting carbs than in regular yoghurt.  This creamier yoghurt contains casein a slow-digesting protein that will keep hunger at bay for a longer period of time.  Like regular yoghurt, this variety contains beneficial bacteria known as “active cultures”.  Having more of this type of bacteria in the intestines is linked to improved immune function, improved digestion and less bloating.

VIEWS: “Good to hear that all foods that taste great are not necessarily bad for us”.






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