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Fitness Tips for Losing Body Fat (Part 1 Cardio)


Fitness Tips for Losing Body Fat | Renouf Fitness

A Better Way to Toning Up (Part 1 Cardio) by David Renouf

Most people wanting to burn calories, get rid of body fat, tone up a little and increase their percentage of lean muscle tend to approach the task a little too casually.  Ok so you’re not after an Olympic medal but you still need a proven system to follow if you want to achieve your desired goal and maximize the results from your cardio workouts. Following are 5 key points that need to be approached honestly and put into to action diligently.

1. Decision to Change.

So you have made the decision that you’re not happy with the way you are and your going to do something about it. Well next you have to find and document your REASON for change.

2. Reason for Change.

It maybe as simple as wanting to look better in your swim wear or more complex, ‘if you do not lose weight you will not see your grand children grow up’.

The Reason for Change needs to be foremost in your mind, write it down, put it by the side of the bed or on the fridge, think about it and let it motivate you.

3. Goal setting.

Another very important part of the system is, you must set goals. These goals must be specific, calculated, measured. With-in 12 weeks I will lose 8 kgs of body fat and my waist measurement will decrease by 10cm or I will tone up and increase my lean muscle mass by 5 kgs in 12 weeks.

4. Time for Action.

This is often the hardest part because you know it is going to challenge you and maybe inconvenience those around you. If you believe in your Reason for Change you should not let anything or anybody stop you from Taking Action.

5. Persistence, keep on keeping on.

Nothing worth having comes easy, so at times you are going to be challenged and this will make achieving you goal even more pleasurable.

Now that you have set your goal (destination) lets decide on the mode of transport. There are three main ways we can approach ‘Toning Up’, cardio exercise, weight resistance program and nutrition.

In part one of ‘A Better Way to Toning Up’ we will look at cardio. Here your mode of transport or fitness equipment machines are many and varied from treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, rowing machine, spin bikes and crossfit programs. All these machines allow you to exercise regularly, regardless of what the weather is like outside. It can be extremely hot or pouring down rain, but that won’t impact your ability to fit in a cardio workout.

Remember all of these different machines will work well, if you work them. So when selecting your equipment don’t necessarily look for the piece of equipment that will burn the most calories in a give time, look for the one that you are more likely to enjoy and or continue to use.

Once you have decided on your fitness equipment now for the cardio exercise program.

The old idea of working out for 30 – 60 minutes for three times a week and burning about 500 calories each session is now a little out dated by the more effective ‘interval training’ approach.

Research presented to the Journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise shows that when you work out using high-intensity Intervals, the total amount of calories your body burns during the hour after your work out is elevated up to 107% more than with low intensity, short-duration exercise, and 143% more than low intensity, long-duration exercise. That’s because interval exercise peaking at 80% maximum-intensity effort speeds up your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) for up to three hours after exercise – a benefit not found with low intensity exercises.

Think of them as a 
roller coaster that allows repeatable patterns or intervals of raising and dropping, raising and dropping your heart rate.
 Once you get the hang of interval training you will enjoy the variety they offer, but if you’re like many others, you will be happy that it takes about 20 minutes. For maximum fat burning and time efficiency try the high-intensity 20-Minute Aerobic Solution.

For the 20 Minute Aerobic Solution, start with two-minute set-up phase at a level 5 intensity. Remember level 5 is your warm-up and level 10 is an all-out effort. After two minutes at level 5, increase the intensity to level 6 and keep it there for one minute. Then go up to level 7 for one minute, then up to level 8 where you maintain for another minute, and then take it up to level 9. Maintain that high-intensity for one minute and then take it all the way down to level 6 (a relatively moderate effort). Repeat that pattern three times. On the last cycle (between your 18 and 19 minute) try to reach your ‘high point’ level 10. Then bring it back to a level 5 for one minute and your done.

cardio table

If you are unfit when you first try this system it is advisable to try for only one cycle/pattern for the first 1 – 2 weeks.

Train hard, eat well and sleep tight,

David Renouf






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