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Training with Cables … The Big Swing

Training with Cables … The Big Swing

Training with Cables … The Big Swing

Exercising with a cable and pulley connected to a weight stack or better still a pair of cable cross over pulleys is nothing new but with functional training and sport specific movements continually gaining in popularity there is a big swing back to this type of fitness equipment.

With cable training you can perform virtually any exercise that you can with a tradition weight stack machine or free weights but with the added benefit of greater freedom of movement (plane).

Having this freedom allows you to perform along your bodies natural exercise planes and so users of any size or height can exercise equally as well with cable training. Exercising with cables allows you to perform the movement the way your body wants to and not be lock into the predetermined line of a traditional exercise machine. When using free weights you are also locked into a line/movement that is determined by gravity, were as with pulleys you are unrestricted with line or angle. So with cable training you have a greater variety of directions from which to hit the muscle and a far better way of training your body for true natural movement whether that is day-to-day activities or sports specific training.

Up until recently ‘cable cross over’ machines have been rather bulky and only suited for the commercial gyms, not really practical for the home gym. Now the cable cross over machine has been redesigned so it is compact and user friendly making it suitable for just about any home situation.



Standing Chest Flys

Click here to view this machine in detail.

The new cable cross over machines being marketed today also offer the ability to change from one exercise to the next very rapidly making them ideal for not only building and toning muscle but also cardiovascular high repartition fitness programs.  With such a large variety of training methods available in the one machine both males and females of all ages can use them equally as well.  Pulley and cable exercises are often included in rehabilitation programs.

Renouf Fitness has recently introduced the BRUTEforce FTK8080 with a multi positioned cable cross over feature and a compact foot print, well worth a look.






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