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Fractional Micro Weight Plates: When Small is Better

Fractional Weight Plates (SET) by Renouf Fitness®

Fractional plates are a great benefit for a multitude of different applications, here are just a few.

  1. Strength conditioning coaches to carry out tests for assessment (e.g. 1RM test).
  2. In CrossFit, to meet the Rx (usually in pounds) in some WOD’s when using kg bumpers plates.
  3. To eliminate ‘plateaus’ in your strength training program.
  4. Ideal for rehabilitation when small increments of 0.5kg per week are recommended.


The RATEDX® Olympic sized Fractional Micro weight plates are an excellent tool that allows precise and specific progressive loading for strength training. Since accurate load progression is key for strength and size gains, fractional plates are a great tool to guarantee steady progress in the gym. With the RATEDX® Fractional weight plate set being a pair of 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg and 1kg plates it allows anyone serious about strength training to avoid large jumps, which may compromise their program.

strength coaches

Strength-conditioning Coaches: 1 Rep Max

All strength-conditioning coaches know the value of establishing an athletes 1 rep maximum. Many training programs are based on you doing a rep max or a percentage of your rep max. Also knowing an athlete’s rep max enables setting of goals so ultimately those goals can be achieved and new ones set. To achieve a true and accurate 1 rep max the smallest increment of weight plates is ideal. The RATEDX® Fractional Weight Plates set, offer 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg and 1kg plates. Using these smaller/lighter increments of weight will help to insure a safer and more accurate result.


CrossFit: Bridging the Gap

Fractional weight plates are essential for any respectable CrossFit Box wanting to lessen the difficulties in meeting the Rx (usually in pounds) in some WOD’s when using bumpers plates that are graded in kgs. Fractional weight plates can bridge the gap.


How to Eliminate Plateauing: Little steps better than no steps at all.

If you have hit that dreaded plateau in your weight training Fractional Weight Plates offer the opportunity to break through with micro progression. All levels of lifters taking part in progression weight training programs, serious athletes, youths, women, men and seniors can all benefit from ‘small weight increases’. In most cases plateauing is not only a physical thing but also a mental thing. If you are an experienced weight trainer whose progress has come to a halt and the thought of putting even another 2.5kg on the bar creates a doubt in your mind, then fractional weights are sure to help. Loading just 0.25kg x 2 on the bar will mentally seam totally insignificant, and so the body will follow, ‘what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve’.


So guys it not always the big things that make all the difference, if your Commercial gym, P.T. Studio, CrossFit Box, or Home gym has 20kg or even 25kg plates it should also have at least one set of Fractional weight plates.

Good Health, train hard and regularly.  






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