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Heavy Duty Training HIT Muscle Mass by David Renouf

Heavy Duty training HIT Muscle Mass by David Renouf



News, Views and Clues,  by David Renouf.

OLD NEWS: But still relevant.

Heavy Duty Training the YATES and Mentzer way.

Recently I read an article in a well-known fitness magazine about Mike Mentzer (a renown body builder of the 1970-80’s) and Dorian Yates  (six time Mr Olympia winner during the 1990’s) regarding their Heavy Duty training system, which goes like this.

When doing heavy duty training which was just about all the time Mentzer would approach 10-rep sets with a weight so heavy he could only manage five continuous reps. To hit his 10-rep mark, Mentzer would take several 10-second mid-set breathers, giving him the energy to crank out the final reps. With the strict form that he followed, this type of training was not only very effective but also very taxing on ligaments, tendons and the nervous system. Dorian Yates heavy duty training program followed a system where he trained incredibly intense for  45 minutes at a time, using many of the principles in Mentzer’s heavy duty training system.  Yates’s 45 minute sessions, at the time were viewed as very short, when compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger who some days would be in the gym for six hours, taking time out to eat and of course chat up the girls. The result of Yates’s heavy duty training system was an unprecedented 118kg competition weight.  The trick was taking his muscles to failure on each and every set and getting to his maximum weight set in the shortest time. So once he had warmed up a body part he would often only do one set of a particular exercise.

CLUES: But before you rush into the gym and start following a Heavy Duty training system keep in mind that these guys were experts with their nutrition and also had some (a lot) of little helpers! So if you’re a ‘clean’ athlete you need to tone it down a little and start off with a more moderate approach. Always remember the three essentials to building muscle, stimulate the muscle (35- 55 minute training session), feed the muscle (regular intake of protein, carbs and fats) and finally and most importantly, rest (for most of us 8 hours is a bare minimum) which is the only time our muscle will repair and grow stronger and larger.  Good Luck with your heavy duty training program.


Dorian Yates, 6 times Mr Olympia, followed a short and sharp (maximum 45 minute) High Intensity Heavy Duty training system.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7 times Mr Olympia, followed more of an instinctive relatively low intensity system that often saw sessions lasting 2-3 hours.

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  1. Craig

    Dave thanks a lot mate for the heads up on these 2 great awesum ex champions…:) also you may know an old mate of mine a Larry Hooks who has a gym now in Borgoon???

    Warm regs

    Craig 🙂

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