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HOW to GAIN 10KG of MUSCLE FAST – Part 3


HOW to GAIN 10KG of MUSCLE FAST by David Renouf

The three most important ‘power lifting’ exercises to gain over-all strength and muscle size are; Squats, Deadlift and Bench press, all with free weights. Here we will discuss the bench press, maybe the most effective exercise for building upper body strength and muscle size.

The Bench Press.

The Bench Press builds upper-body size and strength like no other exercise but unfortunately if performed incorrectly can also cause the most amount of injuries.

Here’s how you Bench Press. Positioning yourself lying on an Olympic bench or inside a power rack, unrack the bar and lower it to your chest. Once the bar touches the chest then push it back up until your arms are locked out. You have now completed one rep of the exercise. As you can see it is relatively simple but there are some very important techniques to get right to allow you to benefit fully from this great movement.


Benefits of The Bench Press. The bench press obviously builds and strengths your chest (pictorials) but all so it is great for your shoulders, in particular the front deltoids and your triceps.

It’s a favorite with most serious strength trainers because it allows you to lift the most weight using your upper-body muscles.

Always start out light and build up slowly as you improve you form and technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainer it is always advisable to have a person spotting or spotter arms on your rack.


Setting up to Bench Press. Lay down on the bench under the bar with your forehead about in line with the bar. When you grip the bar your forearms should create an angle (flaring out) from elbow to hands of about 10 degrees. Your grip should be firm but not over tight, remember you are pushing with your pictorials not your hands.

  • Bar grip. When you first start out it is best to grip the bar in the palm of your hand with your thump around the bar. As you get more experienced you may wish to change to a ‘no thump grip’, which can lessen stress on the thumps.
  • Tight Upper-back. To create a solid base for your bench press movement keep your shoulder blades back and down and never arch your buttocks of the bench.
  • Chest Up. Correct breathing technique is most important with this movement. So take a deep breath as you unrack the bar and hold it completely during the descending (lowing) part of the repartition. As you are about 20% into the ascending (pushing) part of the repartition start to exhale at a rate that will see you total exhaled at the completion of the rep. If you totally exhale at the bottom of the movement you will lose inner stability and strength.


Placement of feet. A reasonably wide stance will increase your body stability while benching. Position your feet flat on the floor through out the entire movement.

  • Bottom point of the rep. Lower the bar so it touches the middle of you pectorals. Don’t rest it on your chest it is just a touch and go, but Not a bounce.


Pushing up. Make sure you push up in a straight-line keeping your eyes fixed on a point on the ceiling, not on the bar.

Always remember when starting out, it’s not about how much you can press, it’s about form and technique. Increase the weight slowly and in small increments until you have master the bench press form.

Perform the bench press correctly and consistently and your going to see great upper body strength and muscle gains.

That’s the last in our 3 part series ‘How to gain 10kg of Muscle Fast’. Your exercise program is only one part of the over-all plan, eating (nutrition) and rest are just as important when wanting to maximize your strength and muscle gains. Look out for our instructional videos on the three big lifts and tips on ‘How to eat to put on serious muscle’.

Train hard, eat big and sleep well,

David Renouf






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