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Killer Foods

Killer Foods

I think most of us are aware that many of the additives in foods are not good for us and in some cases are straight out deadly. The reasons the food companies included them, range from increasing the shelve life, improving colour and flavor and in some cases to get you hooked on their product. They do all this with seemingly no regard for the adverse side effects it has on your health.

All the food manufacturers want to do is sell more products, and they are not really interested if it kills you in the long run.

Two of the most common and dangerous food additives are high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and trans fat. Both of these are ideal (for the food companies) because they taste great, keeping us coming back for more but unfortunately for us they are very unhealthy for our bodies. With the regular consumption of these additives our taste buds are conditioned so they no longer appreciate the more subtle favors of health foods and now crave the more intense sweetness such as HFCS.


What is HFCS?

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is derived from processing corn, used as a food ingredient (sweetener) instead of sugar because it has a long shelf life and is very cheap to produce.

Why they use it?

HFCS is used rather than plain old sugar because it has a shelf life of over a hundred years and because it does not stop you from feeling hungry. Studies have shown that people consuming foods which contained HFCS, had an increased appetite for that product. This is a great strategy by the food companies to get you buying more of their products.

What is Trans Fat?

Trans Fat is made from vegetable oils. Well that does not sound too bad, but here is the thing, its processed into Hard Fats an unnatural form which your body finds very difficult to process and has been link to cancer.

Why they use it?

Again, because it has an incredibly long shelf life and it forms a nice flaky crust ideal for baked goods.


When we compare these two evils Trans fat is the worst but HFCS is used more commonly. HFCS is used extensively in sweet confectionary and unbelievably even in the already sweet, apple syrup.

To make matters difficult for the consumer HFCS is listed as sugar on the ‘contents’ so you will have to do a little bit of investigation to identify which food products contain this undesirable additive.

“Eliminating HFCS off supermarket shelves could single-handedly solve America’s obesity crisis” says Dr. Lustig from the University of California.

If you can cut these two culprits from your diet it will go a huge way to allowing you to control your body weight and body fat levels.

It will not be easy but it certainly will be worth it, for you and your family.


Good luck, train hard, eat right and rest easy.

David Renouf






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