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Sand bag – Power bag Workout

Sand bag – Power bag Workout

Sand bag – Power bag Workout

There is a huge range of power bags on the market today varying in size, weight, shape, price and of course quality. The modern fitness Power bag dates back to early 2000 but has been around in more primitive forms for over 100 years. The concept was developed from the humble bag of wheat when it was noticed that carrying and throwing around such items developed an amazing amount of over-all strength and in particular core strength.

Generally speaking the most common power bag or sand bag is a tube or canvas bag fitted with handles on the ends and sides and filled with a combination of sand and rags. Sizes/weights range from 5kg all the way up to 35kg.

One of the biggest advantages of training with a power bag over training with bar and weights, is that the power bag is more forgiving when dropped, thrown or punched. When selecting a Power Bag I would suggest the empty variety, which you fill yourself, as this will enable you to increase the weight as you get stronger and more proficient with Power bag training.

A good power bag program will really test your body by targeting every muscle group and giving you an amazing all of body functional training session. Another plus is that they are relatively inexpensive.

Try the following 10-minute beginner/intermediate program I’ve put together and let me know how you go.

Floor 2 Shoulder (side grip):


Standing over your Power bag in a squat position with it positioned between your legs grasp the side handles and then in one fluid movement throw the bag up onto your left shoulder while exploding into a standing position then quickly lower the bag to its original position on the floor and repeat the process but this time to your right shoulder.  During the entire movement keep your back straight and your abs engaged.
Perform this exercise for 110 seconds.
Targets primary deltoids, secondary quadriceps.

Dead Squats (close grip):


Grasping the close handles in a bent over position (straight back, abdominals encaged) then explode up lifting the bag into a cradling position chin high. Now immediately do 5 repartitions of a deep full squats and then lower the bag to the floor.
Repeat the exercise for 110 seconds.
Targets primary back and rear deltoids, secondary quadriceps.  

Bent over rows (close or end grip):



Commence in a bent over position (straight back, abdominals encaged). Grasp the two side of close handles with your arms then pull your arms back towards your body with your elbows moving close to your sides.
Repeat this exercise for 110 seconds.
Targets primary back and rear deltoids, secondary quadriceps.  

Over the Top (side grip):



In a standing position, gripping the bag by the side handles place the bag on your right shoulder then extend your arms straight up pushing the bag over your head and lowering it down onto your left shoulder.
Repeat the movement for 90-seconds.
Targets primary deltoids and triceps.

Woodchops (close or side grip):


Grasping the bag by the side handles or close handles, I will leave that up to you, position the bag on the side of your right thigh, then swing (controlled motion) the bag up and across the front of your body to your left shoulder about head high, then return to the start position.
Repeat the exercise for 60-seconds each side
An outstanding exercise that targets primary the entire core.

Swing twists (close grip):


Grasping the two close handles with the bag positioned between your legs swing it up over the head and at the top of the movement twist the bag then immediately return to the start position and repeat. This is a core and back strengthener with a twist.
Repeat the exercise for 60-seconds.
This will target both the core and back.

Aussie Stand Up (close grip):


Lying flat on your back on the floor with the bag positioned across your body and grasping one of the end handles, then turn your body on to the side and at the same time push the bag directly up towards the ceiling whilst straightening your arm and stand up. When you are in a standing position immediately swap the bag to your other hand and reverse the procedure until you’re back down to your starting position on the floor.
Repeat the exercise for 60-seconds.
This will target your entire body. 






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