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Tornado Ball

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BALLS to the WALL. The Tornado ball is a type of medicine ball with rope cord passing through the center making it a very versatile exercise tool for a multitude of functional fitness and anaerobic programs. They are available in various sizes/weights ranging from 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg to 8kg.

It is designed to be swung in a series of exercises that can increase rotational strength and flexibility for over all upper body, core strength, balance and agility.

Get a Grip on it.

To achieve maximum benefit from your exercises and for safety sake ensure you have a proper secure grip of the rope.Ā With your preferred dominant hand grasp the rope slightly below the end with your thumb pointing toward the ball. With your other hand, wrap the rope around the dominant hand’s wrist twice. Next, let go of the end of the rope with your dominant hand and grab it just below the second loop over your wrist, as if to choke up on the rope and leave the excess wrapped securely around the wrist. This is the preferred grip of the experts.

A few of the many uses.

  • Rhythmical stabilization drills, such as figure of 8 swings.
  • Explosive rebounding exercises against a wall, such as explosive reverse wood chops.
  • Explosive floor core training, such as kneeling V Slams.
  • Dynamic integrated training, such as standing lunge and slam.
  • Designed for use on rubber gym flooring.

SHOULDER ROTATIONS, are less intense than other Tornado exercises and a good one to warm up on, increasing rotational flexibility. Position you feet about 60cm apart then start swinging the ball at your side in a continuous circle. Your arm should come all the way up to point straight at the ceiling at the top of the rotation. Start slowly and then gradually increase speed, after about 40 seconds change to the other hand and repeat.Ā 

WALL CHOPS are a basic Tornado ball exercise but extremely effective and intense so it is recommended not to be performed for longer than 15 seconds when starting out. Position your self with back to a sturdy concrete wall, heels about 10cm out from the wall. Grip the rope with your dominant hand first and then with your secondary hand over the top. Swing the ball to one side at about mid torso level bouncing it of the back of the wall and then directing it around the front of your body to the other side and bouncing of the back of the wall and so on.

THREE POINT KNEELING CHOPS you start out kneeling on a mat positioned on a rubber or concrete floor, then grip the rope with your dominant hand first and then with your secondary hand over the top, then swing the ball over your head so it hits the ground at full extension directly in front of you. Continue to swing in this triangular pattern for up to 15 seconds.

These are a few of the many exercises that will truly challenge you and when performed regularly will greatly increase your rotational core strength and over-all fitness. Give them a go and tell us what you think.

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  1. Vlad

    Really great video!

    I have also build a tornado ball and enjoying the training process. It’s an absolute fun and great replacement for the sledgehammer slams.

    Thanks for the content.

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