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AQUA BAGS, Alive and Kicking by David Renouf

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Q. So how different is it exercising with Aqua bags as compared with a traditional Power bag?

A. The only similarity is that you can perform the same exercise. But that’s where it ends; the intensity able to be achieved with Aqua bags is ‘off the scale’.

Aqua bags are one of the most effective tools for a total core workout. The main difference and advantage Aqua bags have over other Power bags is in its filling.

The benefits of ‘Unstable Training’ on core and every other muscle group are obvious to those who have used the tradition Power/Sand bags. The Aqua bag takes ‘unstable training’ to a whole different level.

Now firstly lets go back and look at the traditional power bag, Bulgarian bag or alike. The traditional Power Bags have an uneven load with its center of mass constantly shifting, forcing the users body to compensate by absorbing destabilizing forces into the core, that’s all good right? Now lets look at ‘AQUA BAGS’. They have all of the same benefits/attributes but MORE.

Being filled with water Aqua bags are very ‘unstable’ and have a life of their own so you will be continually fighting the swirling and sloshing of this unstable brute.

This lurching of the water inside produces the increased intensity of Aqua bags and forces more muscle to be engaged with stronger contractions. With this ‘life of its own’ it is the perfect training partner for any elite athlete or fitness enthusiast striving for core supremacy.

You can use it to supplement your Cross Training, Olympic lifting program or use it as a training program in its own right.

Also it’s a great exercise tool to take with you on vacation. Very light when water is drained out and simple to refill once arriving at your destination.

Try these exercises for a start with your WBMSSS Aqua bags, Squats, lunges, Zercher squats, step-ups, Bulgarian squats, fireman’s carry, rows, military presses, clean and jerks, snatches, swings, bicep curls, French press. If your looking for an exercise tool that is versatile enough to target each and every muscle group of your body Aqua bags are definitely worth considering.






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