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SmartBells® Not just a pretty face. by David Renouf

SmartBells AC8001

It is very rare to see anything new or different in the way of dumbbells being introduced to the fitness industry. But SmartBells are definitely that, different. They are basically a wheel shape with a gripping handle in the middle. The wheel is iron covered with coloured rubber with a chrome center handle. The center handle is also the fixing point when attaching to the easy curl bar to create a barbell. When used as dumbbells they have a subtle different to the conventional dumbbell. As the weight is distributed evenly around the wheel it gives the users more control of the weight as compared to a dumbbell.

The rotating desktop stores the six pairs of different weight SmartBells® and is the rack for the chromed easy curl bar. The locking system used to attach the SmartBells to the easy curl bar is very quick and secure. The six pairs of SmartBells totals 74.5kg which is not necessary aimed at the hard-core trainer but certainly ample for the average person. The 360º rotating desktop makes it very easy to reach weights and enables the table to be positioned hard up against a wall if you’re a little short of space. The Tripod stand that supports the desktop has locks on the three castor wheels for added safety.

The six different pairs of SmartBells are made up of the following increments, 2.25kg, 3.4kg, 4.5kg, 6.8kg, 9kg and 11.3kg. The reason for the uneven increments of weight is because they were original produced for the USA market in Lbs. The chrome easy curl bar is 920mm in length, weighs 5kg and has an anti slip knurling grip.

The Desktop Set is cool in function and appearance. The chromed gripping handles and the different coloured rubber covers make this the ideal exercise equipment for any bedroom. Available in Amber (orange tone), Ash (grey tone) and Pink.

These SmartBells are definitely worth a look, check out our video.

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