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Functional Trainers

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Renouf Fitness Equipment in Perth has a large range of high quality Functional Trainers at our Osborne Park showroom.
Functional Trainers are a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. Good functional trainers will include the three major exercise structures,  a smith machine, power rack and cross over cables. You can vary your strength training from isolated movements right through to the big compound movements. These movements include squats, bench press and deadlifts, all on the one machine. Also by attaching the functional training bar to the two front pulleys you can incorporate a cardiovascular high repartition exercise in to your program. Having a power rack built in to your functional trainers opens up more options. Other exercises are chin ups, dipping handles, securing pads, extreme core trainer, bent over rows, anti rotational movements and lots more. Attached to the power rack are two cross over cable systems that adjust from top to bottom at a number of positions. The smith machine has a leg press plate attachment for heavy-duty leg training exercises as an optional extra. The leg press plate is easily to attached and is stored on the back of the machine when not in use. The smith machine is fitted with safety arms and is available as a 7-degree angle or straight up vertical versions. You can definitely take your exercise program to the next level with the enormous amount of variety these machines offer. They offer an increased level of safety and confidence and allow you to push harder with out worrying about injuring yourself.
A member of the Renouf Fitness team will be more than happy to help you choose from our extensive amount of  the Functional trainers.
You can also browse our entire collection online, or head down to our mega store: 72 Collingwood St, Osborne Park in Perth and check out our huge range on functional trainers.